Augmented reality (AR) has rapidly evolved from a niche technology to a transformative force across industries. As one of the premier venture capital firms, we will explore the diverse applications of AR technology, emerging trends, and the thriving landscape of India’s AR startups that have attracted significant venture capital investments. Let’s dive into the captivating world where reality blends seamlessly with the digital realm.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) integrates digital information into the user’s real-time environment, unlike virtual reality (VR), which creates artificial surroundings. AR enhances real-world settings with generated perceptual information for visual changes or additional user information. Its key advantage lies in blending digital and 3D elements with real-world perception, serving purposes from decision-making to entertainment. AR employs devices like smartphones or glasses to deliver visuals, sound, and sensory data, altering how users perceive reality.

Applications of AR in Various Industries

  • Medical Training: AR is revolutionizing medical education by offering 3D exploration of anatomy through AR headsets, as showcased by the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Retail: Brands like Harley Davidson leverage AR apps, enabling customers to virtually customize products in-store.
  • Repair & Maintenance: AR guides repair workers in real-time, incorporating IoT data for efficient fixes.
  • Design & Modeling: Architects and designers use AR headsets to visualize and modify creations, even projecting entire city layouts.
  • Business Logistics: DHL optimizes warehousing and worker efficiency with smart AR glasses.
  • Tourism Industry: AR transforms travel experiences by allowing virtual exploration of destinations before booking trips.
  • Classroom Education: The Aurasma app revolutionizes classrooms with interactive AR content, enhancing immersive learning.
  • Field Service: Technicians equipped with AR glasses diagnose and repair equipment efficiently, hands-free.
  • Entertainment Properties: Iconic brands like Harry Potter utilize AR for immersive character interactions and captivating marketing.
  • Public Safety: AR aids first responders by highlighting danger zones and guiding individuals to safety during emergencies.

Examples of AR

  1. Target App: The “See it in Your Space” feature allows users to virtually place items within their living space, showcasing the power of AR in retail.
  2. Apple Measure App: The Measure app employs AR for distance measurement between points, highlighting its practical applications.
  3. Snapchat Filters: Snapchat’s filters overlay captivating AR elements onto user images, adding a touch of creativity.
  4. Pokemon Go: This popular AR game uses GPS to bring virtual creatures into players’ real-world surroundings.
  5. Google Glass: Google’s AR eyewear, like Google Glass, finds utility in sectors like logistics, providing hands-free assistance.
  6. U.S. Army’s TAR: Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) assists soldiers in locating fellow soldiers, showcasing AR’s potential in defence.

Investments by Venture Capitalists in AR Startups in India

India’s AR startup landscape boasts remarkable ventures backed by venture capital investments:

1. JetSynthesys: Pune-based JetSynthesys develops AR-based entertainment apps for gaming, eSports, and wellness. It has secured funding of USD 94 million from investors, including Sachin Tendulkar and Kris Gopalakrishnan.

2. PlayShifu: Bengaluru’s PlayShifu focuses on AR-based STEM educational games like Shifu Orboot, securing USD 32 million in funding to enhance classroom learning.

3. Practically: Hyderabad’s Practically offers an AR-based STEM learning app with practical learning through AR, simulations, and 3D videos. It has secured USD 24 million in funding to date.

4. 3rdFlix: Hyderabad’s 3rdFlix provides AR and VR-based educational tools for simulations, concept videos, and test prep, securing USD 15 million in funding.

5. AjnaLens: Thane-based AjnaLens offers AI-powered mixed reality glasses for defense, education, and enterprise. It secured USD 8 million in funding to drive innovation.

Creative Startups in AR

Several notable startups have embraced AR to redefine industries:

  1. Houssup: Founded by IIT Bombay and IIT Roorkee graduates, Houssup simplifies interior design using AR, virtual tours, and AI.
  2. StyleDotMe: Fashion tech startup StyleDotMe introduced “MirrAR,” enabling customers to virtually try on jewellery from various brands.
  3. Adloid: Adloid empowers retail, home decor, and real estate sectors with AR, ML, and AI for augmented trials and catalogs.
  4. 4. Preksh: Preksh offers 360-degree panoramic tours with informative overlays, revolutionizing engagement through AR-based exploration.

Future of Augmented Reality (AR): Unveiling Transformative Pathways

The future of Augmented Reality (AR) is promising, with apps like Pokemon Go and retail applications showcasing its potential. The rise of 5G networks will drive cloud-based AR, while Apple’s ARKit and ARCore for Android are making strides in shopping apps and geospatial enhancements. The emergence of AR glasses like Nreal Air and Apple’s Vision Pro holds potential, but cost remains a challenge. The fusion of AR and AI is set to revolutionize industries like retail, healthcare, and education, improving accuracy and introducing virtual assistants, diagnostics, and education advancements. AR will reshape communication, entertainment, and marketing, transforming online interactions and consumer behavior beyond traditional retail norms.


As AR’s influence expands across industries, India’s AR startups are driving transformative changes, unveiling immense growth potential. Join the journey into this dynamic realm and witness the future unfold. Are you excited about the future of AR startups and their potential? Stay updated with the latest trends and insights in the world of augmented reality. Subscribe now to embark on a journey of discovery!