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We Help Mavericks Build Iconic Companies.

We Help Mavericks Build Iconic Companies.

We back early-stage startups to become successful by offering the right combination of investment, intelligence, guidance & network.


Investment for early-stage businesses to start up.


Guiding, advising, and supporting entrepreneurs.


Connecting investors to share ideas and opportunities.

About BVC
Billionaire Venture Capital, an ideal venture partner for every business adventure.
Who are we?

We act as a crucial intermediary between startups and investors. Being India’s largest early-stage platform, we are ravenous for startups that are hungry for consistent and long term success.

What do we do?

We are a venture capital firm that has created a vast space for startups to discover, explore, interact and partner with investors, founders and industry experts. This space gives you access to a diverse range of entrepreneurial resources that will help foster a business environment that scales efficiently and achieves business objectives with marked precision.

Campaign For Your Niche

We can also provide startups with access to deep experience in the startup world. Our team of professionals can help startups strategize, develop, and grow their businesses.

Not only do you grow as a business but you carry with you a wide array of startup experience. Our network is huge and so is your startup idea and we assist you in enhancing this idea by helping you strategize, develop and grow unfailingly, we follow you through every step making sure you are moving towards the right direction. Billionaire Venture Capital cares about the entire process because we believe that long term partnerships are formed with loyal determination.

What do we look for in you?

If you are a startup with a brilliant business idea that is tech-oriented, daring and wants to reach higher grounds with us, convince us with your vision by pitching to us.

What We Do

We Invest Early in Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

We prioritize investing early in promising firms and working with founders to achieve expansive development. Our venture capital firm provides not just financial support, but also strategic and operational guidance, mentorship, and other tools to help the startup succeed with maximum benefits for all.
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Successful Projects
Where ideas meet trust

Join Our Incubation Program

BV Incubation program helps founders launch and scale their businesses. It offers mentorship, resources, and advice to help founders succeed.

Access to Expertise

BV Incubation provides access to a network of experts who can provide mentorship and resources.


BV Incubation can provide startups with access to investors and funding opportunities.

Community Support

BV Incubation offers a supportive environment for startups to collaborate and learn from peers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Question? Check These Answers.

Typically, in the first or second (Pre-seed/Seed) rounds to Series A, we lead with $50K-2MM.

We make decisions promptly.
BVC stands out from the competition through top-notch execution with speed.

We’re deeply vested in the early stage, which means the Day before Day one. Investing in the vision is more meaningful than anything else when supporting ambitions, struggles, rebels, and pioneers. BVC builds revolutionary ventures from the pre-seed to the Series A, and we aim to support the most promising entrepreneurs in the first or second rounds.

We are ardent supporters of tech-enabled ventures and have substantial investments in diversified industries, including AI, consumer internet, retail, healthcare, insurance, and financial services. And yet we don’t believe in niche-inflicted boundaries. All they show are limitations. That’s why we strive to look with a sector-agnostic vision to discover new business horizons and spot lucrative deals in any sector.

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