One technical advancement stands out as a real game-changer in today’s fast-changing technology landscape: virtual reality (VR). This ground-breaking technology has moved beyond science fiction to play a crucial role in our daily lives. Venture capital firms are aware of VR’s enormous potential, particularly given India’s growing IT industry. This blog will examine the fascinating world of virtual reality, its uses, and the significant influence that venture capital investments have had on the development of India’s IT industry.

Understanding the Marvel of Virtual Reality

Imagine entering a world where a digital cosmos is tightly linked to your senses. This is where virtual reality’s strength lies. VR generates immersive 3D experiences that closely resemble reality by seamlessly fusing cutting-edge computer technology and software. The distinction between the real and the virtual is deliciously blurred, whether you’re wearing a VR headset or visiting a specifically designed venue.

Diverse Applications of VR Transforming Industries

Venture capitalists have noticed virtual reality’s potential to alter a variety of industries:

  • Training: Firefighters can brave infernos, surgeons can refine their skills, all within the safe confines of a VR simulation.
  • Education: History comes alive, geography turns into an exploration, and learning transcends textbooks, engaging students like never before.
  • Healthcare: VR-based therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of anxiety and PTSD, while aiding doctors in conveying complex diagnoses.
  • Retail: Virtual trial rooms allow customers to try on clothes effortlessly, while home decor experimentation happens at the click of a button.
  • Real Estate: Architects showcase 3D plans, potential homeowners embark on virtual property tours, and renovation dreams materialize.
  • Entertainment: Gaming experiences reach new heights, and the world of film and television braces for a paradigm shift.
  • Tourism: Architectural wonders and exotic locales are now at your fingertips, thanks to semi-immersive VR tours.
  • Collaborative Work: Students partake in cross-continental classrooms, businesses hold virtual meetings, and architects co-create in digital realms.

A Glimpse into VR’s Future: Beyond Boundaries

Although the VR adventure has only just begun, the future holds many exciting possibilities:

  • Advanced Hardware: Brace yourself for VR headsets boasting 8K resolution and powerful processors, promising heightened immersion.
  • AI Integration: Artificial Intelligence will seamlessly intertwine with VR, fostering unprecedented interactivity and responsiveness.
  • 5G Revolution: The advent of 5G technology will catapult VR into uncharted territory, revolutionizing connectivity, and interaction.
  • Virtual Shopping: Enter a realm where 3D product views redefine online shopping, bridging the physical-digital divide.
  • Geo-Location Innovation: Precise indoor mapping capabilities herald new avenues of application, transforming how we navigate and experience spaces.

VC’s investment in India’s VR Landscape

India’s tech landscape is undergoing a VR renaissance, fueled by visionary Venture Capital investments. With an impressive count of 190 Virtual Reality startups, the following ventures are leading the charge:

1. Practically (Hyderabad): An AR-based STEM learning app, funded with USD 24M from Earlsfield Capital and NB Ventures.

2. Foyr (Hyderabad): Provider of a VR platform for real estate visualization, backed with USD 10M from SRI Capital and JLL Technologies.

3. Flipspaces (Mumbai): Offers AR-based interior design services, supported with USD 8M from IIFL Finance and Invictus Capital Partners.

4. AjnaLens (Thane): Creator of AI-powered mixed reality glasses, securing USD 8M from LetsVenture and other investors.

5. SmartVizX (Noida): Provider of VR solutions for businesses, with USD 5M in funding from World V and YourNest.

6. Invact (Bengaluru): Metaverse-based education platform, attracting USD 5M from prominent investors.

7. QuaQua (Hyderabad): Offers 360-degree VR tour guides, funded with USD 4M from Anthill and others.

8. CUSMAT (Bengaluru): Cloud-based LMS platform, with USD 4M in funding from Unitus Ventures and more.

9. Trezi (Delhi): Provides SaaS-based VR visualization solutions, backed with USD 3M from World V and YourNest.

10. Rizort (San Francisco, Bengaluru): Panoramic tour platform, funded with USD 3M from Blume and Dream Incubator.

Unleashing Creativity: Innovative VR Ventures

Apart from the innovators, numerous creative startups are driving innovation.

1. Meraki: Elevating experiential marketing and entertainment through immersive content.

2. ImpactAll: Reshaping education with immersive e-learning experiences.

3. OnetoBeam: Guided VR services for sales, education, real estate, and tourism.

4. GazeMatic: Redefining remote experiences through pioneering VR live streaming.

5. LoopReality: Harnessing VR’s potential to revolutionize HR and talent acquisition processes.


Amid India’s evolving tech terrain, Virtual Reality (VR) takes center stage, driven by venture capitals’ strategic investments propelling VR startup growth and catalyzing innovation across sectors. Join us on an exciting journey into boundless technological and entrepreneurial potentials, shaping India’s dynamic VR landscape. If you’re a virtual reality startup ready to make your mark and secure the resources you need for success in this challenging period of limited funding opportunities, seize the opportunity, and pitch your vision to us at For deeper funding insights, valuable resources, and updates, connect with us on social media. Your groundbreaking VR venture begins here!