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Eauto Market

Orange Autoparts LLC

Orange Autoparts LLC is the world’s largest online B2B and B2C marketplace for all car spare parts of fine quality. We connect buyers and sellers all over the world. We provide a wide range of car parts to more than xxx countries. At Orange Autoparts LLC, we uphold our vision of “Quality that makes you happy” since there is always scope to do the maximum and we make it our way of life here.


Rudra Retail

Poojai is a passion-driven Retail company specializing in the sale of divine products that assure a pure and spiritual aura and ambience required for conducting auspicious rituals and prayers.

We are highly passionate about delivering & exporting the purest and premium quality Divine Products like Incense Sticks, Camphor, Turmeric, KumKum, Sandal Powder, Vibhuti, Thiruman, Srichurnam, Cotton Wicks, Kaavi, Gulab Jal, Honey, Cup Sambrani, Gingelly Oil, Panchagavya Deepam, Ghee, Komiyam, Ganga Jalam, Dhoop, Vilva vibuthi holder and the like with utmost attention to detail.


Digimaster Technologies

Digimaster Technologies is a leading Web Development Company with the vision of helping our clients grow by incorporating modern technology solutions in their business endeavours. We deliver quality IT services for many big brands. Our solutions are Web Development, Web Designing, Software Development, Software Consulting, Mobile App Development, and other IT solutions. We always aim for customer-centric solutions for various platforms.

HighpowerV Media Entertainment & Communication

HighpowerV Media Entertainment & Communication is a leading organization that provides complete Creative & Integrated Marketing Solutions & Communications to different companies around the world. The group has grown well with its commitment to quality, innovation & a customer-centric approach.

Citron Tours

Citron Tours is a Luxury Destination Management Company based in the UAE. In a short span, the company has now evolved into a highly respected and user-friendly travel management company. We’re committed to providing a professional service to our customers, ensuring they benefit from our experience, unique style and energy. Our main services are 1. Facilitating Visas, 2. Booking Tickets, 3. Travel Insurance and 4. Customizing packages according to economy & VIP sections.

Billionaire Venture Capital

Envisaging the future, we’re embarking on the road of neo-transformation: Billionaire Venture Capital. Change is at hand, and we’re proudly redesigning that change here at Billionaire Venture Capital. ‘GROW ALONG’—having this as our agenda, we invest in talent who wish to create a revolutionary future for the emerging generation. As Venture Capitalists, we share a promising vision with valuable entrepreneurs in our portfolio and yearn to carve the future together.

Akshyam Jewellery Mart Pvt. Ltd.

Akshyam Jewellery Mart Pvt. Ltd. works with the vision of crafting your curiosity. Jewelry has always been a necessary accessory to humans and therefore we offer the joy of wearing the best. We are faithful to the principles of fine craftsmanship. Therefore for our clients its an investment in memories.
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Singlebag is an eCommerce platform or a tool that helps you set up an online store, market and sell your products to global customers. Whether you are a startup or an established business, Singlebag is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that helps you stabilize and boost your business. We are the first e-commerce platform for a variety of businesses in different realms that you can imagine.


Akshaya Pathra Gold Limited

Akshya Pathra Gold Limited’s objective is to operate the world’s most cost-effective, secure and accessible market in professional-grade bullion. We import and export gold bullion all over the world. The accessibility, safety and value of gold bought through Akshya Pathra Gold Limited quickly made the service popular. We strive to continue to serve all our markets with integrity and excellence.

White and Blue Securities

White and Blue Securities is an IPO company committed to building trust in the field of the share market. We issue shares and help you invest and buy proper shares in the competitive world.

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